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What is Pilates?

Pilates is a safe & effective exercise system designed to strengthen the body in a balanced way.

Specifically targeting & improving the function of weaker muscle groups, it emphasises techniques for strengthening the muscles of the trunk which in turn supports the spine & thereby improves posture & shape. Pilates will enhance overall fitness, flexibility, strength & balance.

Muscles are gently stretched & lengthened as exercises progress.​

Pilates is often used in physiotherapy, especially in rehabilitation exercises used to aid recovery after surgery, as well as with back problems & sports injuries.

Why is Injury Mechanics Pilates different?

Our pilates sessions are led by one of the highest qualified and knowledgeable specialists around, in Sue Bardsley. If your pilates session is booked to address an injury or rehabilitation post-surgery, rest assured our specialist team of rehabilitators, trainers and physiotherapists are on hand to guide these sessions alongside Sue to gain the most out of each session.

What to expect from Pilates as Injury Mechanics?

It's important to distinguish between Pilates style classes, if you are referred to our resident Pilates practitioner, Sue, you can expect her to apply the 6 principles of the classical method to all prescribed exercises.

During your initial assessment (which includes a health questionnaire), Sue will guide you through the foundational principles for each discipline. You don’t need to know everything from day one & don’t worry, she will recap at each session. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like – that is what we are for!

What if I am in pain?

Generally, these sessions help alleviate pain. This is especially true of back pain, as focusing on the spine through movement and control can alleviate discs & nerve pain. However, with continued acute pain or discomfort, Sue will have further discussion with the Injury Mechanic therapist to discuss further options

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing that’s fairly close fitting just so Sue can see the positioning of your joints. It really is your choice of footwear.

Is it going to hurt?

If you are completely new to exercise or have been fairly sedentary over the last few months, you may feel some discomfort or muscle soreness for a couple of days after the session. This will pass in the following 24-48hrs.

These classes are designed for you & around you. You may rest at any time until you feel ready to start again. Sue is here to support, not judge you. She is a great believer in nurturing the body - tell her what you want & she will deliver!

If you do want to work harder, we can progress to the next level. It's as simple as that!

The Method;

Centering ➡️ Concentration ➡️ Breathing ➡️ Control ➡️ Precision ➡️ Flow

If you're interested in taking up pilates as a 1 on 1 or with a small group of friends, contact us or book your session online and we'll get you started with our very lovely, Sue