Human Physiology

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An exercise physiologist has three main roles all centering around improving performance.

The first is injury prevention and rehabilitation. For rehabilitation, we generally start working with clients alongside therapists to help rebuild stability, strength and confidence in an injured area while with injury prevention we focus on strengthening commonly injured areas with the goal of stopping injuries from occurring.

The second area is athletic development and performance. This aspect is most commonly worked at in the gym where we look at what areas we could help someone improve upon that will benefit performance the most.

The final area is more lab-based where through taking measurements and blood samples we can assess health, different aspects of fitness and athletic potential in clients. These measurements can include things such as lung function, body fat and muscle %, muscular power, flexibility, VO2max and Lactate threshold among others.

For further information on how we at Injury Mechanics can assist you through the assessment of your physiology, you can book your Physiology Consultation via our online booking system contact us at and our Physiologist, Richard Wilcock will be happy to assist you.