Jonathan Collier

MSc BSc (Hons) BASRaT

Jonathan founded Injury Rehabilitation in 2017 after having originally teamed with Maria Westwell
and Gus Muncaster in 2015.

After graduating with a First-Class Honours degree from the University of Bolton, Jonathan then
went on to complete his Master of Science Degree in Sports Injury Rehabilitation at the University of
Salford in 2017. He also completed his training in acupuncture for Sports Injuries and
musculoskeletal conditions, making him a fully accredited member of the British Association of Sport Rehabilitators and Trainers.

His most recent individual accolade was being nominated for and ultimately winning ‘Best Service –
Greater Manchester’ at the Fitness & Nutrition awards in 2020 and ‘Therapist of the Year’ at the
Bolton Health & Wellbeing awards. He was also a major factor in the Injury Mechanics team being
awarded ‘Leading Pioneers in Injury Rehabilitation’ in 2021.

His sporting experience is a collective of professional and academy level rugby league, professional
boxers, Olympic wrestling, ironmen, competitive body builders and football. Most recently working
with Manchester City Women’s Football Team.

His main area of interest and expertise is the neck and spine, including sciatica, spondylitis,
management of disc injuries and nerve compression. With his interest in strength training, he is also
able to specifically measure and analyse data for strength and force output of individual joints.
Jonathan not only works with Olympic athletes, Ironmen and endrance athletes, he is also a keen
and dedicated marathon runner, therefore providing him with specific insight into the demands of
running and endurance sports, the requirements of his clients and their effects on the body.

Jonathan also has experience with full surgical rehabilitation such as ACL reconstructions, knee & hip replacements, internal fixation of the ankle and procedures on the shoulder such as rotator cuff
repairs and Lartajet.

Jonathan Collier
MSc BSc(Hons) BASRaT

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